About Me


blueslapiswhitepantsMy journey to spiritual fulfillment and my continued evolution makes me very passionate about assisting others in their desire to embrace a higher vibration and higher consciousness. For many years, I struggled in separation from my true SELF, unable to actualize at the level I knew I was capable of.  Suffering physical dis-ease, spiritual turmoil and many of the other symptoms that characterize a life out-of-alignment, I was not really prospering in the ways that matter. The more I held onto belief systems that were no longer working in my life, relationships with dream-killers, and was unable to step into my true value as a human being, the more I struggled with patterns of behavior that disempowered me. The truth of who I really am was obscured from me. 

Always a seeker of truth and restless with my current state, I began studying people like Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, and countless others who have historically been considered prophets or sages. All of them were concerned with embracing spiritual and energetic principles and finding the true nature of reality, as well as approaching wholeness from the point of view of traveling inward into our own personal treasure chest of wisdom. For over a decade, I continued to seek knowledge. Eventually, I found reiki, which became a spiritual gateway and a tremendous blessing in my life.

As my understanding of energy and consciousness evolved, the landscape of my entire life changed. Relationships changed, my business began to soar, I had greater peace and inner awareness and the manifesting began!! And, here I am today!

I am a POWERdigm Life Coach™ and Reiki Master in the Atlanta area, and owner of Butterfly Transformations & Hidayah REIKI. As a life coach and successful entrepreneur, I assist people in their sojourn towards greater personal fulfillment, spiritual balance, relationship alignment, and entrepreneurial accomplishment.

I integrate intuitive energy readings (when requested and from the standpoint of energy and mutual intentions)  into my coaching, which provide insight into unique issues in various aspects of my clients lives and allow them to empower themselves toward positive change.  As a Reiki Master, I am instrumental in initiating a portal to spiritual wellness through my reiki treatments, as well as helping my clients enter into the necessary state of deep relaxation that leads to healing on all levels and clears energy blockages. I offer a host of other specialty services that empower people to take charge of their lives and live from their soul. So, I often use reiki and intuitive readings to clear energy blockages and help free my clients from limited thinking.

I sustain my studies in energy healing modalities and continue to synthesize current research on alternative healing strategies, quantum mechanics, and much more to assist overall health and wellness. My passion is in helping people to reconnect with spirit and return to wholeness. My involvement in holistic health paradigms, my passion for encouraging those close to her to embrace alternative ways of living and being, and my coaching have transformed many lives.