I had a wonderful time at the retreat. It was well put together and a lot of thought went into making it a success. I was able to spiritually connect with every sister there. It was as though we had known each other for years. Everyone was authentic.  Everyone spoke their truth and knew what … Continue reading Subira Hollins, Atlanta GA

Subira Hollins, Atlanta GA

My experience at the retreat exceeded my expectations on many levels. I met beautiful souls of like hearts; learned that my body is not as flexible as I thought while doing belly dance with Amani and yoga with Traci. Silent time was an exhibition of sorts. The paths I was able to take within revealed … Continue reading Bridget Hayes, Stone Mountain, GA

Bridget Hayes, Stone Mountain, GA

Tunisia Ali changed my life and I am sure she can do it for you too. As a doctor of acupuncture, I had always dreamed of having my own independent practice and being financially successful. Through coaching with Mrs. Ali, I developed the necessary faith and belief in my abilities to do it. Three months … Continue reading Dr. Yiming Lin. L.Ac., PHD,CMD

Dr. Yiming Lin. L.Ac., PHD,CMD

Mrs. Ali is an extremely competent, capable, and well-versed life coach. She is very engaged in conversing with her clients, and she is powerful in her delivery. Mrs. Ali takes the time to speak with you and to listen to you intently. Through active listening, she assisted me and helped me to rein in my … Continue reading Corliss Scipio Pearson, Educator and Entreprenuer

Corliss Scipio Pearson, Educator and Entreprenuer

Tunisia Ali provided patience, empathy and understanding as she coached me through my business aspirations and goals. I felt understood, valued, and was most appreciative of the genuine active listening skills she displayed as a life coach. On a more personal level, Tunisia’s compassion and dedication to helping others, makes her a valuable resource to … Continue reading Monique Harris, M.Ed., LCSW

Monique Harris, M.Ed., LCSW