Tunisia Ali provided patience, empathy and understanding as she coached me through my business aspirations and goals. I felt understood, valued, and was most appreciative of the genuine active listening skills she displayed as a life coach. On a more personal level, Tunisia’s compassion and dedication to helping others, makes her a valuable resource to all individuals she encounters. As her client, I was thoroughly impressed with her encouragement for me to develop timelines, overcome challenges, and to implement a clear, concise plan to achieve all of my entrepreneurial set goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Ali as a life coach, and I am honored that she assisted me in such an invaluable role. Tunisia is also an excellent model of strength, tenacity, and endurance in her own life. This was a huge factor in inspiring me to pursue my set goals in spite of set backs, difficulties, and disappointments. Mrs. Ali’s role as a life coach will assist so many individuals with achieving success in all areas of their lives.

Monique Harris, M.Ed., LCSW

Mrs. Ali is an extremely competent, capable, and well-versed life coach. She is very engaged in conversing with her clients, and she is powerful in her delivery. Mrs. Ali takes the time to speak with you and to listen to you intently. Through active listening, she assisted me and helped me to rein in my many thoughts. This then allowed me to know the areas in my development that I need to concentrate. In her listening, she helps you focus, then she helped me to make a plan to tackle my first goal. Her powerful questioning allowed me to seek deeper into myself to know myself and understand my fears and move through blocks to my success and self-doubt. We talk about the steps that I must take to achieve my desired outcomes.

Mrs. Ali cares about what is going on in my development and shares in my joys as I continue to work on my plan.  Through her, I was able to up-level my entreprenuerial project.  Currently, I am in the process of taking my business to the next level and planning for how I will expand and utilize my newest influx of investment monies. I am now manifesting my biggest project yet both financially and in terms of ambition.  Mrs. Ali has been a major catalyst for my greatest success with my new business.

If you are looking for a dedicated, progressive, and committed life coach with a repertoire of skills, Mrs. Ali is the one for you!

Corliss Scipio Pearson, Educator and Entreprenuer

Tunisia Ali changed my life and I am sure she can do it for you too. As a doctor of acupuncture, I had always dreamed of having my own independent practice and being financially successful. Through coaching with Mrs. Ali, I developed the necessary faith and belief in my abilities to do it. Three months ago, I set up my own acupuncture practice, Lilburn Acupuncture and Wellness. Yes, I own my own business now!! I am successful beyond my imagination and so happy in my life. I see many clients daily and am able to help people heal their bodies. My practice and my life has improved so much because of Mrs. Ali. She is a very dedicated, intelligent, caring, and passionate life coach. Thank you Mrs. Ali!!

Dr. Yiming Lin. L.Ac., PHD,CMD