Distance Reiki You might be shocked to know that a distance reiki session is just as effective (if not more) than a face-2-face session. Grasp the miraculous nature of this concept from a distance, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll, no doubt, be amazed and experience deep healing at a distance. Experience … Continue reading REIKI

Psychic Readings

Schedule a Spiritual/Intuitive Soul Reading Confused about your direction in life? Need to deepen your connection to spirit and your intuition? Need to bring into your full awareness what lies deep within? Using your energetic frequency and mutual intentions, we can endeavor to assist you in bringing clarity to issues related to transformation, love and … Continue reading Psychic Readings

Meditative Yoga and Reiki Retreat in Isla, Mujeres Mexico Summer 2018

BOOK NOW!! We all need a chance to relax, unwind and tune in to universal downloads of information that are uniquely designed for us. Only in a state of inner peace and tranquility can the self- awareness needed to transform our lives into the dreams we desire actually take place. With these retreats, participants are able … Continue reading Meditative Yoga and Reiki Retreat in Isla, Mujeres Mexico Summer 2018

Intuitive Life and Soul Coaching Sessions

Searching for your path in life? Know what you want, but confused about which road to travel? Having difficulty knowing which decisions are right for you? Anxious to begin manifesting miracles in your life? Begin your relationship with an intuitive life coach that is excited about helping you to reclaim your divine birthright. Clarify your … Continue reading Intuitive Life and Soul Coaching Sessions

Classes and Seminars

Butterfly Transformations offers a series of classes and seminars to assist you in reclaiming your health and spiritual wellness. We offer Reiki classes for both adults and children, Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars, Life Coaching Workshops and Motivational and Wellness Classes or Seminars for organizations, companies, and groups. Call to inquire about this service. WE OFFER … Continue reading Classes and Seminars

MEDITATIVE YOGA and REIKI Retreat in Mystical Sedona, Arizona!

TREAT YOURSELF TO A FALL RETREAT AND EXPLORE YOUR INNER LANDSCAPE IN THE INSPIRING SEDONA AMBIENCE! 11/2/17-11/6/2017 Escape to 4 nights in luxury accommodations for only $745.00. Early Registration is for $650.00. BOOK NOW!  Hidayah’s fall retreat to Sedona, AZ comes just in time for ushering in your goals for the fall. Get in tune with the seasonal cycles … Continue reading MEDITATIVE YOGA and REIKI Retreat in Mystical Sedona, Arizona!