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I perform Tarot and Oracle card readings right here in the Atlanta area or at a distance. See my sister site http://www.hidayahreiki.com to view the full offering and book your appointment today!! Become a PATREON member for daily readings, oracle inspiration, challenges and uplevelers content! http://Www.patreon.com

Confused about your direction in life? Need to deepen your connection to spirit and your intuition? Need to bring into your full awareness what lies deep within? Using your energetic frequency and mutual intentions, we can endeavor to assist you in bringing clarity to issues related to transformation, love and relationships, career, and your path in life. These readings done with oracle or tarot cards are highly accurate and will assist you in taking charge of your life and co-creating the reality you deserve.

Visit my sistersite in order to get specific information about my tarot and Oracle card readings and also Tarot Parties and Vision Board Bashes!

think there was a time when oracle decks, tarot cards and anything associated with the unseen realm was taboo. Pictures of gypsy women looking into crystal balls or spooky fortune tellers no doubt come to mind, as do a general shunning of folks who partake in the occult. Truly this artform has been misused, as well as misunderstood and often maligned. In fact, there are still people today who don’t fully comprehend how useful these tools can be in helping us to evolve into more self-aware people who trust in the universe’s or higher power’s ability to lead us towards divine guidance. Like anything else, our intentions have a resonance that is either harmonic or dissonant. Indeed, there are many different kinds of energy conduits and signs in creation that guide us towards divine messages. One of those energies is the inner knowing or intuition that all human beings have. It can be cultivated and harnessed for your benefit. This is the basic principle behind oracle readings/cards. These intriguing tools are also quite scientific!

Really, its all about quantum mechanics! When you set an pure intention to receive divine guidance when using oracle cards, impart your own sincere energy into the cards, and open yourself up to revelation, you get what you ask for. You are basically sending out a vibratory frequency that resides in your own complicated energy field. This information (your sort of energetic blueprint that includes “all of you” and the totality of your experiences) resonates within an even larger ocean of energy, intelligence and supreme consciousness. Due to the law of attraction and other scientific and spiritual principles, you attract a reading that resonates with what you are either seeking, already know deep down, or that which you have yet to bring into your awareness, but need to as a part of your soul’s evolution. Give it a try with an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Schedule your reading today! Call 678-438-6442 or book online in the private services section on this page. A 45-minute session is $125 dollars. Subsequent sessions (2 & 3) are priced at $120.  Readings are done on a selective basis. It is strongly encouraged to pair a reiki session up with a reading to increase clarity and the energetic imprint you impart. Consider booking combo session. 

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