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singing-bowls-at-retreat-seminarButterfly Transformations offers a series of classes and seminars to assist you in reclaiming your health and spiritual wellness. We offer Reiki classes for both adults and children, Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars, Life Coaching Workshops and Motivational and Wellness Classes or Seminars for organizations, companies, and groups. Call to inquire about this service.


Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars:

feminine-energy-empowerment-seminar Held on the 1st Saturday of each month, these 1.5 -hour seminars are guaranteed to energize your journey towards self fulfillment. Designed with the particular needs of the transformative woman, these workshops will deal with topics pertinent to spiritual empowerment, health and wellness, relationships, womb wellness, the chakra system, and living your authentic life and being your best self.

2020 Monthly Saturday Classes

Opportunities for networking, take-aways and mutual discourse with like-minded individuals are sure to leave you inspired and motivated to stay the path!! See our ‘book online’ page for topics and registration. I encourage you to register ahead. Attendance is always $20.00. Occasionally  additional meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month during major holiday seasons, etc., or are added to the calendar for enrichment. See my sistersite for monthly updates and other courses locally and online.

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Adult Reiki Level 1 Class:  Book Online

This class will focus on what Reiki is and how it works. You will learn briefly about the history of this healing art. As a complement we will endeavor into the multiple levels of the human aura and well as an introduction to the chakra system. Reiki hygiene will be highlighted.  Instruction on how to conduct a self-treatment and treatments for others, and associated hand positions and the attunements will be given (reiju). Students will give and receive treatments. Hibiki and byosen will be reviewed as well as other pertinent topics relative to treating others with reiki such as your own personal vibration, disclaimers and ethical considerations, setting of intentions, grounding, etc.  Students will receive an attunement and certificate. This is a 8-hour course on a Saturday for groups. In a private class, the time is shortened to 6 hours. The class is always held from 10am -6pm.  A comprehensive manual is included.

There must be a minimum of 4 registrants for a class. Call prior to prepaying for course schedule.

Adult Reiki Level 2 Class:Book Online

In the level 2 class students will will delve deeper into the chakra system and chakra balancing, explanations of the quantum field/physics that are pertinent to integrating and understanding of reiki and enhancing your ability to articulate this healing art to others in a concrete way. A discussion on shifts in paradigms that clients coming to you may present with or that students themselves may be experiencing -as higher energies enter the universe- will be briefly touched on. This will prepare students for discussions that may arise as you speak with your clients. Strategies for heightening vibrations, the use of singing bowls and other media and tools to enhance sessions will be discussed. Three symbols will be given along with the second attunement (reiju). Reiki distance sessions will be practiced. This is an 8-hour class over the course of a Saturday. In a private class, the time is shortened to 6 hours. The class always begins at 10am and for groups, ends at 6pm.. A comprehensive manual is included.

There must be a minimum of 4 registrants for a class. You must have attended Hidayah Reiki Level 1 class as a prerequisite to this course.

Call prior to prepaying for course schedule or visit websit to pay your deposit.

REIKI Master Certification Course: Book Online

A quick review of all of the level 2 symbols and additional discussion of the chakra system will be conducted. The business aspects of starting your own reiki practice will be discussed, as well as teaching aspects of curricula, working with adult learners, and designing presentation material for courses, etc. The master attunement will be given along with the symbol. Practice time with the Master Attunement is included, along with a comprehensive manual for your reference. A suggested reading list will be given. Reiki treatments will be practiced. This is a  5.5-hour class. It is usually held on a Saturday and begins at 10am.  For private sessions, this class is shortened to a 4-hour class and is scheduled based on mutual preference..

Students attending this course must possess Level 1 and 2 Certifications from Hidayah Reiki or another Master Practitioner.

Call prior to prepaying for course schedule.

Kids Reiki Combo (1 & 2 ) Class:  Book Online

This exciting hands-on class for young people will spark their interest and provide a launching pad for their use of reiki as a healing technique for themselves, friends, pets and family members. This class is particularly designed to “Enlighten Young Minds in the Pursuit of Spiritual Wellness and Intellectual Curiosity.”  Reiki will be discussed as a tool for relaxation, focusing, and self-awareness. Issues that children deal with related to school stress, peer pressure, and dis-ease will be touched on, and ways that reiki can be of assistance will be stressed. Additionally, the art of meditation will be introduced and practiced, as well as the use of affirmations and other ways to ‘seed” consciousness in a way lends itself to spiritual and emotional wellness for our young people. Children will have plenty of opportunities to experiment with the increased energy flow after the attunements, giving reiki to others, and learning to meditate. The 3 symbols will be given, along with attunements and fun practice. This is a 3.5-hour class that takes place in an afternoon. This class is limited to young people between the ages of 8 to 17. Please call first for offering. 

A minimum of 2 students must register. Call prior to prepaying for course schedule.

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