Consultative Services

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I provide an array of consultative services to assist enterprising individuals in reaching their personal and professional goals and objectives. I can help you take action with:

  • Starting a Heart-Based Enterprise
  • Writing and Publishing Your Own Book
  • Creating and Individualize Education Plan for Your Homeschooler
  • Starting a Homeschooling Co-op or Running Your Own Community Homeschool

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MEDITATIVE YOGA and REIKI Retreat in Mystical Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona retreat URLFTREAT YOURSELF TO A FALL RETREAT AND EXPLORE YOUR INNER LANDSCAPE IN THE INSPIRING SEDONA AMBIENCE! 11/2/18-11/6/2018 Escape to 4 nights in luxury accommodations for only $945.00. Early Registration is for $850.00.


Hidayah’s fall retreat to Sedona, AZ comes just in time for ushering in your goals for the fall. Get in tune with the seasonal cycles and allow this fall to be a time to glorify your inner being, honor your sacred need for self-care, and attune yourself to the pleasures and vibrational benefits of one of the most powerful vortexes of energy there is. Sedona is known for its powerful and mystical energy influences. It has long been a place traveled to for the amazing transformational affects it has on one’s mind, body and soul. Escape into ecstasy, explore your innerverse, and   refuel your purpose and mission for passion-filled life.  This retreat will be rich with experiences that will allow you to connect with your inner essence, examine your emotions and thoughts, develop greater spiritual awareness, clarify your intentions and set goals that empower you to live the life you deserve. We will participate in life coaching workshops, mini-reiki sessions, yoga classes, meditation periods, and many other exciting and educational activities that will certainly inspire and motivate you in new ways. The retreat includes all healthy meals, beautiful room accommodations, and the total retreat experience. More information will be forthcoming regarding the location in Sedona. 

All of Hidayah Reiki’s retreats are designed with the following goals in mind for women: ​

  • To accommodate the innate need we all have to disconnect from the external world and explore the blissfulness of our INNERVERSE

  • Give women an opportunity to withdraw from their daily routines and turn inward

  • Allow women the chance to leave the familiar physical surroundings that often mire them in mundane tasks

  • Provide an outlet for rejuvenation and renewal of women’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

  • Inspire women to begin creatively connecting with that part of themselves that is powerful beyond measure

  • Enkindle within our participants the need to reexamine their values and whether or not they are living their passion

  • Inform and educate women of healthier powerdigms from which to view the nature of their realities

  • Motivate women to make the changes in their lives that will bring happiness, joy and bliss.

Hidayah REIKI accomplishes these goals by providing a destination that naturally inspires participants to see, appreciate, and connect with the beauty of the creation as well as connect with the beauty within . Hidayah REIKI provides a “clean eating” menu that raises the vibratory frequency of our attendees opening them up to a world of possibilities to detox as well as tap into deeper reservoirs and strategies geared towards balancing and raising energy levels. There are chakra balancing discussions and activities, mini-reiki sessions, yoga instruction, and other classes offered that enhance our participant’s knowledge base and provide a creative format for not only the synthesis of new ideas, but  the purging of unhealthy ways of living or emotions, and the cleansing of the “temple”. We invite all people, no matter their walk of life, to consider attendance at our retreats. Hidayah REIKI makes them as affordable as possible, offering payment plans. 

This retreat does not include airfare. Participants are encouraged to book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure the best rates. Hidayah REIKI will make sure you receive information that becomes available regarding particular deals on air travel. We will arrive on a Thursday for 4pm check-in and depart Monday morning for travel back home. You have the option of departing on Sunday afternoon. Retreat cost for 4 nights in luxury accommodations is only $745! Pay your $200 non-refundable deposit now to reserve your spot!!

Reserve your spot on the retreat by booking NOW

Classes and Seminars

singing-bowls-at-retreat-seminarButterfly Transformations offers a series of classes and seminars to assist you in reclaiming your health and spiritual wellness. We offer Reiki classes for both adults and children, Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars, Life Coaching Workshops and Motivational and Wellness Classes or Seminars for organizations, companies, and groups. Call to inquire about this service.


Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars:

feminine-energy-empowerment-seminar Held on the 1st Saturday of each month, these 1.5 -hour seminars are guaranteed to energize your journey towards self fulfillment. Designed with the particular needs of the transformative woman, these workshops will deal with topics pertinent to spiritual empowerment, health and wellness, relationships, womb wellness, the chakra system, and living your authentic life and being your best self.

2020 Monthly Saturday Classes

Opportunities for networking, take-aways and mutual discourse with like-minded individuals are sure to leave you inspired and motivated to stay the path!! See our ‘book online’ page for topics and registration. I encourage you to register ahead. Attendance is always $20.00. Occasionally  additional meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month during major holiday seasons, etc., or are added to the calendar for enrichment. See my sistersite for monthly updates and other courses locally and online.

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Adult Reiki Level 1 Class:  Book Online

This class will focus on what Reiki is and how it works. You will learn briefly about the history of this healing art. As a complement we will endeavor into the multiple levels of the human aura and well as an introduction to the chakra system. Reiki hygiene will be highlighted.  Instruction on how to conduct a self-treatment and treatments for others, and associated hand positions and the attunements will be given (reiju). Students will give and receive treatments. Hibiki and byosen will be reviewed as well as other pertinent topics relative to treating others with reiki such as your own personal vibration, disclaimers and ethical considerations, setting of intentions, grounding, etc.  Students will receive an attunement and certificate. This is a 8-hour course on a Saturday for groups. In a private class, the time is shortened to 6 hours. The class is always held from 10am -6pm.  A comprehensive manual is included.

There must be a minimum of 4 registrants for a class. Call prior to prepaying for course schedule.

Adult Reiki Level 2 Class:Book Online

In the level 2 class students will will delve deeper into the chakra system and chakra balancing, explanations of the quantum field/physics that are pertinent to integrating and understanding of reiki and enhancing your ability to articulate this healing art to others in a concrete way. A discussion on shifts in paradigms that clients coming to you may present with or that students themselves may be experiencing -as higher energies enter the universe- will be briefly touched on. This will prepare students for discussions that may arise as you speak with your clients. Strategies for heightening vibrations, the use of singing bowls and other media and tools to enhance sessions will be discussed. Three symbols will be given along with the second attunement (reiju). Reiki distance sessions will be practiced. This is an 8-hour class over the course of a Saturday. In a private class, the time is shortened to 6 hours. The class always begins at 10am and for groups, ends at 6pm.. A comprehensive manual is included.

There must be a minimum of 4 registrants for a class. You must have attended Hidayah Reiki Level 1 class as a prerequisite to this course.

Call prior to prepaying for course schedule or visit websit to pay your deposit.

REIKI Master Certification Course: Book Online

A quick review of all of the level 2 symbols and additional discussion of the chakra system will be conducted. The business aspects of starting your own reiki practice will be discussed, as well as teaching aspects of curricula, working with adult learners, and designing presentation material for courses, etc. The master attunement will be given along with the symbol. Practice time with the Master Attunement is included, along with a comprehensive manual for your reference. A suggested reading list will be given. Reiki treatments will be practiced. This is a  5.5-hour class. It is usually held on a Saturday and begins at 10am.  For private sessions, this class is shortened to a 4-hour class and is scheduled based on mutual preference..

Students attending this course must possess Level 1 and 2 Certifications from Hidayah Reiki or another Master Practitioner.

Call prior to prepaying for course schedule.

Kids Reiki Combo (1 & 2 ) Class:  Book Online

This exciting hands-on class for young people will spark their interest and provide a launching pad for their use of reiki as a healing technique for themselves, friends, pets and family members. This class is particularly designed to “Enlighten Young Minds in the Pursuit of Spiritual Wellness and Intellectual Curiosity.”  Reiki will be discussed as a tool for relaxation, focusing, and self-awareness. Issues that children deal with related to school stress, peer pressure, and dis-ease will be touched on, and ways that reiki can be of assistance will be stressed. Additionally, the art of meditation will be introduced and practiced, as well as the use of affirmations and other ways to ‘seed” consciousness in a way lends itself to spiritual and emotional wellness for our young people. Children will have plenty of opportunities to experiment with the increased energy flow after the attunements, giving reiki to others, and learning to meditate. The 3 symbols will be given, along with attunements and fun practice. This is a 3.5-hour class that takes place in an afternoon. This class is limited to young people between the ages of 8 to 17. Please call first for offering. 

A minimum of 2 students must register. Call prior to prepaying for course schedule.

POWERDigm Law of Attraction Coaching


Searching for your path in life? Know what you want, but confused about which road to travel? Having difficulty knowing which decisions are right for you? Anxious to begin manifesting miracles in your life? Begin your relationship with an intuitive life coach that is excited about helping you to reclaim your divine birthright. Clarify your unique path to achievement, take the necessary steps to bring to fruition your goals and celebrate your progress with someone who will really care. Bringing to bear years of experience, training, psychic assessments, and a track record of helping people to change the course of their lives, Tunisia Ali can help you reclaim who you truly are. Visit the Powerdigm Law of Attraction Life Coaching page for more information.

Meditative Yoga and Reiki Retreat in Isla, Mujeres Mexico Summer 2018


We all need a chance to relax, unwind and tune in to universal downloads of information that are uniquely designed for us. Only in a state of inner peace and tranquility can the self- awareness needed to transform our lives into the dreams we desire actually take place. isla-mujeres-add-wout-75-offWith these retreats, participants are able to heal energy imbalances, ignite the fires of their souls, set intentions for the realization of their heart’s song, and accelerate the manifestation of miracles in their lives.

Hidayah REIKI’s retreats are amazing and provide needed get-aways to places like Sedona, Mexico and more. For more information, CLICK HERE!

Our next retreat will take place in the summer of 2018 in July  from the 13th to the 17th.This intriguing Silent Meditative Yoga and REIKI Retreat is perfectly balanced to give you ‘pause’ but not keep you away too long. With 4 nights and 3 days, your convent sanctuary is just perfect!!  Isla Mujeres, meaning Island of the Women, is renowned for its invigorating properties and for its rich tradition of being a destination sought after for healing and transformation of the spirit and body.

Explore and unleash your feminine energy on this extraordinary island. Isla Mujeres was voted by MSN as one of the best beaches for living. It is located approximately 8 miles off of the shore of the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun. Taking your sacred journey to this restorative oasis promises a personal paradise or sorts that you will never forget.

Hidayah REIKI invites women to experience “The Gateway to Your Innerverse”. Dance, sing, define your reality, express your inner vision, and pay tribute to your authentic self and life’s passion. Embrace all that is boundless, timeless, dimensionless and leads to deep regeneration. If you are reading this webpage, you are being summoned away from your routine to embody the specialness that is uniquely you. When is the last time you did something for yourself? When was the last time you really stepped outside of your role as caretaker, ‘dream-maker’, mother, lover, counselor, supervisor, and/or some  other role(s)?

This luxurious retreat beckons your sensual pleasures and seduces the spirit within you that is yearning for the opportunity you deserve to just “BE”. With an affordable payment plan, you can secure your trip months in advance of your actual travel date. All expenses are included in the package price, including your plane ticket and travel arrangements from the airport. You will have captivating views, lovely lodging (double occupancy/separate beds, but single occupancy rooms are negotiable for higher fees), gourmet meals, yoga excursions, and mini REIKI-sessions.

A short course on ‘Quantum Powerdigms’, and other phenomenal experiences designed to balance your chakras and heal your auras are planned with you in mind. For an additional discounted fee, you may decide to participate in the REIKI level 1 course and receive your attunement- allowing you to begin self-treating and acting as a healing conduit for those you love. Bring  a friend, a mother, a sister or another special someone on this feminine excursion designed to delight your senses.  With so much to see and do, a central location to local activities and island expeditions, and delightful local culture, you are sure to find your niche!!

There are several payment plans available which begin as early as December 2017. The first mandatory payment designed to hold your place is $500.00. This fee is non-refundable. This payment must be made not later than February 28, 2018, but can be made earlier, as space is limited. If you make your first payment after this time, your first payment must be in the amount of $700.00 (non-refundable), and is payable not later than March 25th, 2018. The total cost of the retreat is $1,675.00. For late registrants (after April, 10th)an additional $300.00 fee will be added for traveling expenses (if applicable), if space remains available. A first payment prior to 2/28/2018 will save you $75 off the total cost of the retreat!

More details regarding the retreat will be forthcoming. I encourage you to check back with the website often for updated information.


July 13th-July 17th, 2018

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Schedule a Spiritual/Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

I perform Tarot and Oracle card readings right here in the Atlanta area or at a distance. See my sister site to view the full offering and book your appointment today!! Become a PATREON member for daily readings, oracle inspiration, challenges and uplevelers content!

Confused about your direction in life? Need to deepen your connection to spirit and your intuition? Need to bring into your full awareness what lies deep within? Using your energetic frequency and mutual intentions, we can endeavor to assist you in bringing clarity to issues related to transformation, love and relationships, career, and your path in life. These readings done with oracle or tarot cards are highly accurate and will assist you in taking charge of your life and co-creating the reality you deserve.

Visit my sistersite in order to get specific information about my tarot and Oracle card readings and also Tarot Parties and Vision Board Bashes!

think there was a time when oracle decks, tarot cards and anything associated with the unseen realm was taboo. Pictures of gypsy women looking into crystal balls or spooky fortune tellers no doubt come to mind, as do a general shunning of folks who partake in the occult. Truly this artform has been misused, as well as misunderstood and often maligned. In fact, there are still people today who don’t fully comprehend how useful these tools can be in helping us to evolve into more self-aware people who trust in the universe’s or higher power’s ability to lead us towards divine guidance. Like anything else, our intentions have a resonance that is either harmonic or dissonant. Indeed, there are many different kinds of energy conduits and signs in creation that guide us towards divine messages. One of those energies is the inner knowing or intuition that all human beings have. It can be cultivated and harnessed for your benefit. This is the basic principle behind oracle readings/cards. These intriguing tools are also quite scientific!

Really, its all about quantum mechanics! When you set an pure intention to receive divine guidance when using oracle cards, impart your own sincere energy into the cards, and open yourself up to revelation, you get what you ask for. You are basically sending out a vibratory frequency that resides in your own complicated energy field. This information (your sort of energetic blueprint that includes “all of you” and the totality of your experiences) resonates within an even larger ocean of energy, intelligence and supreme consciousness. Due to the law of attraction and other scientific and spiritual principles, you attract a reading that resonates with what you are either seeking, already know deep down, or that which you have yet to bring into your awareness, but need to as a part of your soul’s evolution. Give it a try with an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Schedule your reading today! Call 678-438-6442 or book online in the private services section on this page. A 45-minute session is $125 dollars. Subsequent sessions (2 & 3) are priced at $120.  Readings are done on a selective basis. It is strongly encouraged to pair a reiki session up with a reading to increase clarity and the energetic imprint you impart. Consider booking combo session. 


Distance Reiki

You might be shocked to know that a distance reiki session is just as effective (if not more) than a face-2-face session. Grasp the miraculous nature of this concept from a distance, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll, no doubt, be amazed and experience deep healing at a distance.Tunisia Ali Reiki Master Atlanta

Experience deep relaxation, a renewed sense of inner knowing,  and start clearing the energetic debris you have long collected in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. The healing practice of REIKI acts a gateway to initiating your self-healing capacities within and increased self-awareness in amazing ways. Experience greater equanimity, more insight into voice of your soul, improved physical health, a clearing of money blocks, and so much more!

What Kind of Reiki Session Do You Need?

For more specific information, please visit my sistersite and take a look at my full service offering.

Standard Reiki Session : $105              BOOK NOW!
During this 50 min. session, a body scan is performed and which carries information about particular energy centers in your body that carry disharmony energy. In most cases, the actual hands-on treatment starts at the crown chakra and continues down through the root chakra. The session concludes with treating the feet. In some cases, certain chakras are overloaded or possess such dense energy that the session requires that I treat those areas first, or spend more time in those areas, at the expense of other energy centers.

Targeted Reiki Session: $120                 BOOK NOW!
Sometimes a client comes to me knowing they are dealing with a particular physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge and wants to spend half of the 50 min. session focusing on that area. In this instance, we determine the corresponding chakra and after a brief scan and mini chakra balancing session, we work to eliminate the stagnate or disorder energy related to their particular ailment.

Traditional Komyo Reiki Session: $150           BOOK NOW!
This session is for the individual that presents with a specific health challenge and wants to spend their session treating only that area. This allows me to follow the byosen’s peaks and valleys through the entire 50-55 min. or 80-85 min. period. This kind of session is a good choice for ailments such as tumors, fibroids, broken bones, post-surgery healing, headaches, back pain, etc. reiki-session-tunisia-ali-and-safiyyah-ahmedA person dealing with specific areas of the body that present chronic health challenges is a good candidate for this type of healing. In these cases, a particular health situation needs to be arrested. A client should commit to a minimum of 1 session a week. The recommendation is for either 2 (60 min.) reiki sessions a week or 1-90 minute session weekly for at least a 3 month period. The greater the frequency, the faster the improvement of the condition.

Emotional/Mental Healing Session: $150      BOOK NOW!
Often times, our pain is not physical. We recognize suppressed emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, or anxiety as responsible for holding us back. Or, we may need to embrace new habits, heal addictions, or enhance other consciousness engineering we may be doing already. This particular session targets the emotional and mental causes of a symptom, as well as helps to heal the mental or emotional problem a client may be experiencing.

Clearing Money Blocks Session: $150        BOOK NOW!
Always, our belief systems govern our lives. Our beliefs are simply the thoughts that are replayed in our minds and regularly affirmed. However, it’s these belief systems that determine the level of reality we experience. All of us are impacted by our limited ways of viewing reality and are called to shine the light of awareness on them because they limit the flow of prosperity into our lives.  The clearing money blocks session targets the subconscious programming that has been encoded into your psyche from years of negative thinking related to how you were socialized by society, media, your parents, and your own limited thinking paradigms. During the session, we go into your energy field, connect you to source energy, acknowledge these blocks, determine their root, transmute them, and open you up to abundance. You feel lighter having these emotional and mental blocks cleared, and will notice a change in your circumstances. There is a download you must secure from me prior to the session that must be completed and brought with you to the session. There is a download you must secure from me prior to the session that must be completed and brought with you to the session. Once you book, I will forward the download to you.

Worthiness and Self-Love Session: $150                BOOK NOW!
Your sense of self-worth impacts your self-esteem and your ability to love yourself, have self-acceptance and experience the confidence and courage you need to be able to take your life in the direction of your desires. You sense of worthiness or lack thereof is a major factor in determining the quality of the relationships you attract, the opportunities you are able to take advantage, of and the level to which prosperity and abundance can flow into your life. During this session, we activate the cosmic energy within you, endeavor to identify the harmful blocks you experience, connect you with their roots, and transmute these blocks-opening you to a new level of experience. There is a download you must secure from me prior to the session that must be completed and brought with you to the session. Once you book, I will forward the download to you.

* Sessions always begin with the client and remain with the client face-up, unless a particular ailment requires otherwise or the client requests to be face up during only part of the session, and would like to have a treatment done face down as well. All sessions include aromatherapy, singing bowls, and a brief centering guided meditation with deep breathing. Distance sessions do not include singing bowls. 

Click Here to book your session! You can set up a distance session (works just as well), or an in-person session. It can be 90 minutes, 50 minutes, or a 35 minute mini-session.

REIKI is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and the promotion of healing from within using the body’s own self-initiating capacity for healing. It is a healing art known for its ability to provide effective relief from the physical side effects experienced from energy imbalance. REIKI has been practiced for thousands of years. REIKI can also be a gateway to spiritual awakening for many. The term itself refers to universal life energy. The ‘REI’ means universal, while the ‘KI’ means cosmic energy, life force energy, or prana. Thus, reiki functions as both a healing practice as well as a spiritual practice which can assist you in sensing your connection with the flow of life. People who are practitioners of REIKI are sensitive to other people’s energy and can perceive energy imbalances and disharmony vibration present in the body.


Reiki is rooted in the understanding that there is a universal field of energy that surrounds and pulsates through all living things. In fact, we are energy. This energy must flow freely in order for us to enjoy health and vitality. Specific circumstances and issues such as cultural toxins, stress and anxiety, dysfunctional coping mechanisms, environmental pollutants, unhealthy diets, and spiritual malaise can cause an imbalance in our energy system, creating blockages. These blockages, if left untreated, will eventually manifest as denser energy vibrations giving rise to inflammation and systemic illnesses. 2:120 Reiki Fall Deal
REIKI practitioners are able to channel this universal energy while working with clients as well as sense the opposing disorder energy, which emanates a particular energetic frequency. This ‘hibiki’ is often indicated by various sensations that a practitioner may have during a session,

REIKI seeks to help restore this disequilibrium, clearing the body’s energy centers allowing recalibration to take place so that the body’s self-healing capacity is initiated. These energy centers (CHAKRAS) are the entry points for the REIKI energy. REIKI can help you to:

  • Ease Chronic Pain

  • Reduce/Eliminate Health Challenges

  • Restore Emotional Equilibrium

  • Address Anxiety and Depression

  • Heal Past Emotional Trauma

  • Energize Your Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Improve Memory, Focus and Concentration

  • Initiate Self-healing

  • Clear blocks to abundance
  • Chart a New Course in Life

  • Tune in to Your Intuition

  • Find Your Peace

  • Affirm Truth

  • Open Your Third Eye and Crown Chakras More Quickly

  • Overcome obstacles to your emotional and physical wellness at quantum speeds

Sessions start at $65/hour. I offer special discounts frequently. Call to find out! 678-438-6442.

Let us help you awaken to your true purpose and satisfy and your need to triumph over past obstacles that  need to be cleared from you at the subatomic level.

Give me a call today to discuss how I may be of service to you. 678-438-6442