My Mission

IMG_5397My mission is to be a part of the metamorphosis that allows people to transform their lives by connecting them the vision of who they truly are and unleashing their potential!

As men and women, we all have feminine and masculine energy. These energies must be healthy and balanced in order for us to manifest magnificence in our experience. The feminine energy, among so many things, is a creative force that births ideas, passions and inspirations. The male energy within us provides the security and discernment, power, and action to realize the creative feminine energy. Without each fulfilling its role, we lack the necessary momentum to actualize. Butterfly Transformations is committed to helping all people bring to fruition their creative power.

Butterfly Transformations is located in Lilburn, GA  on Highway 78, across from Office Depot. Many of our services are performed in person, as well as via phone or Skype. Don’t let geographical distance discourage your outreach. If there’s a connection, let’s be creative. Most coaching clients are coached via phone from a distance.

Take ACTION now to begin the steps to creating a better you! 678-438-6442.