Manifesting Money

Identify Your Money Blocks. Align with money. Take Action.

Find Out What's Separating You From Your Money and Do Something About It.

 Tunisia Ali

Manifesting Abundance and Clearing Money Blocks

It's time you find your money magic. This free guide will allow you to examine what factors are creating misalignment between your money desires and what you are actually getting. Many people have elevated money to a status that causes us to fear it, and obsess over it. This is because subconsciously we associate money with freedom. We stress over the absence of money, and sacrifice and struggle for it. Yet it continues to elude most of us. Money is spiritual energy and to attract it you must align with it. In other words, you must clear everything that stands in between you and your money. But, how can you do that if you don't understand what's in the way?


I am a POWERdigm Life Coach™, Educator and Reiki Master in the Atlanta area. I am the owner of Butterfly Transformations & Hidayah REIKI. As a life coach and successful entrepreneur of 15 years, I assist people in their sojourn towards greater personal fulfillment, spiritual balance, relationship alignment, and entrepreneurial accomplishment. I bring my unique healing background and my understanding of quantum mechanics and neuroplasticity to my consciousness and energy work with clients. I specialize in helping women leave old paradigms behind in favor of ways of living and being that serve their best version. I see myself as helping women to reclaim the vision of who they truly are. My passion is in helping people to reconnect with spirit and return to wholeness. My involvement in holistic health paradigms and my coaching have transformed many lives.

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