Life Coaching Plans


There are multiple ways that you can work with me that will align with your aspirations.  Your personal development and transformation are an investment worth your time and resources. The 2 key things successful women are sometimes fearful about are their potential and investing in themselves! Your happiness and fulfillment are invaluable, and the value and personal transformation you will accomplish is priceless. I accept a certain quality of client into my program. I am unwilling to jeopardize the integrity of my program, or your ability to get results! I want to be sure we are an excellent fit and that you want this as bad as I want it for you! Setup a discovery session today.

Powerdigm 3k Premium Package (1)

There are 2 payment plans for this package. This is my signature program. It is robust and all-inclusive. With this program your progress is accelerated and the principles become a part of you. You witness various levels of transformation throughout the program as soon as you begin. Book Now to reserve your spot, set up your first call and gain access to courses.

Accelerated PAckage

One payment of $3500. You may also make 2 payments of $1800. There is a qualifying process for this package. It cannot be booked online. Please give me a call at 678-438-6442. 


BreakthroughPackage (1)BOOK NOW FOR $1000 billed automatically each month.  For an additional $797, you may opt for limited access to certain courses in the P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M Formula  (Esteem & Worthiness, Prosperity Mindset, Investing in Yourself, and Reprogramming Your Mind, etc.)  or the Beef-Up Your Business and Intensify Impact that will accelerate your coaching results and personal transformation. This is an invaluable add-on.

Copy of Refining Package #2

BOOK NOW for $5500 or $1000  billed automatically each month. You may add any component of the 9 pathways of the P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M Formula at the Bonus price of $99 per pathway. This pricing only available for clients participating in the coaching program.



BOOK NOW FOR $9600 (4 equal payments of $2400 billed automatically). With this investment, you may add the transformational P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M Formula sequence of coursework or the Beef-Up Your Business and Intensify Impact for an amazing price of only $497. You will have access to the coursework for the duration of your coaching term. You also have the option of opting in for $800, and making 5 equal payments of $1760. 

The recommended sign up is 3 or 6 months for most people looking to create space for breakthrough and reinvention. The 12-month program is for people who seek total transformation and thrive with high accountability, and on-going support for the activation of deliverables and results. In this plan, you develop a deep relationship with me that creates the synergy for your ultimate  metamorphosis.

The 3-month ‘Breakthrough Package’ is ideal for folks just needing to tweak their lives, get unstuck or gain clarity around a specific goal. The 6-month ‘Redefining Package’ assists you in getting to the root of what is required to redefine your life on many levels, and taking radical action to move your life in the direction that satisfies your personal and professional goals.

The “Transformational Package lasts for 12 months. This package assists you in your sojourn to total transformation and ensures you have the habits, paradigms, and accountability needed to permanently be the new you! When you are responding to the soulful call to uplevel your life and live passionately, it is a compulsion that cannot be ignored. Whether you are trying to leave a traditional job, intensify your entrepreneurial game, heal your money blocks and create wealth, or reach the pinnacle of your personal growth, this is your plan. A 12-month time frame allows us to tackle many critical areas of your life providing the foundation for lasting success. Take advantage of the resources and growth possibilities by choosing to develop a long-term relationship with your coach. If you are efforting to start a heart-soul enterprise from start to finish and emerge with a clear message, marketing strategies, audience reach, cash flow, stability, confidence and a growth plan, this is also the plan for you.


What does each package include?

  • 2-3 one-to-one coaching sessions each month. The Signature program includes 2 sessions.
  • 1 complimentary mini-reiki session each month or one full one depending on plan
  • Unlimited text/emails
  • One 15 min. call each week
  • One spiritual reading every 3-month period
  • Access to the private group Facebook page (where applicable)
  • Workbooks with exercises, tools, and techniques to master concepts
  • 10% discount on additional energy healing services
  • Lifetime Membership to Powerdigm Academy for select coursework (if applicable)
  • The Transformation package includes free access to all new webinars and continued access to the POWERDIGM Formula coursework and resources during the duration of your coaching relationship (if you purchased this add on). This package also includes 2-mini reiki sessions each month. 
  • Bonuses, bonuses and more bonuses

How do I schedule sessions? All sessions are structured around your schedule to help you master those areas that dictate progress according to your mission. Sessions can be scheduled face-to-face, via phone or over the internet. This makes it easier for clients to fit their coaching needs into their schedules from wherever they may be. Distance should never be an obstacle. Most clients prefer the convenience of monthly coaching. Reiki is not limited by time and space. It is an energy modality that transcends physicality.

What if I just need a couple of sessions? You may purchase a laser coaching session if you feel you don’t require consecutive months worth of coaching or if you’ve just completed a package and find you need a few coaching sessions. This includes one-hour of on-the spot coaching to help you process a particular situation, provide greater clarity as to your options, and take the needed action to overcome your hurdles. You may purchase as many of these as you like over time.      BOOK NOW!

laser coaching