POWERdigm Law of Attraction Coaching


redand cream pearlsChange your mind, change your world. Change your mind, create your world. Change your energy, create miracles everyday. Energy and consciousness shifts are the most powerful shifts you can make. You can’t have real transformation without them.

You wanna know what I do? I work with women who are already successful in their lives or hungry for massive success. Generally, they are productive and driven. From the outside, it may look like they have it all. But, something is getting in the way of their ability to fully actualize at the level they intimately know they are capable of and deserving of. Usually, it has to do with their energy needing to be cleared of blocks and embedded elements that can function to sabotage even the most successful of women.

My perfect client is that feminine archetype that rocks her individuality, is free-spirited, and refuses to accept less–at least for long, anyway. She cannot be boxed! My girl is willing to grow in all directions, and has no problem stretching and being challenged. In fact, she dreams way bigger than what she can see around her. She was simply not made for mediocrity!

blue with and white slacksYet,my girl finds herself in situations that don’t always nurture her growth. Yet, she prides herself on being poised to be the next best version of herself. As she becomes more self-aware, and grows more into her true nature, she has come to realize though that she has demanded less of herself and others, and often settled rather than reached for the sky! But why?

Limited Thinking

Aligning with the lower energy within and without causes you to live below what is possible. Functioning within a limited paradigm or a distorted view of what is possible causes you to feel like what you have is enough. It sucks the life out of you. So you settle. Even when what you have is not growing you. Even when what you have is not even making you happy, truly. Even when what you have is not what you want? But what is really at the root of this misalignment- the disconnect between who you truly are, and what you have become?

Fear-based realities, limited thinking and not-so-obvious issues with worthiness are can be holding you back. This is why the necessity to embrace POWERdigms, new models that define life, is not only a necessity, but an imperative.

You have come to the right place. Together we can get you to where you know you wanna be. Yes, girl! you can leave those limited paradigms that have governed your life up to this point in the dust and pave your road with Powerdigms instead.

It’s time for you to see the reality of your true goddess power, leaving the illusion of your current circumstances behind.

im waiting for you textCome with me on this journey. 

  • Are you in a space where you know you are capable of so much more?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck in a rut?
  • Have you lost your sense of motivation?
  • Do you feel a lack of self actualization and personal growth?
  • Are you struggling with an inability to manifest those things that are closest to your heart?
  • Can you practically taste abundance, yet it still eludes you?
  • Do you sense that you haven’t clarified your vision and are not in alignment with a purpose-driven life?
  • Do you know that the people around you and the circumstances you find yourself in are out-of-alignment with your vibrational hunger for more?

3If you can say YES to any of these questions, you can no doubt benefit from a POWERdigm Law of Attraction coaching relationship with me.  To get more details on how my POWERdigm Law of Attraction life coaching can help you, view my coaching plans.

Life coaching with Tunisia Ali, the POWERdigm Law of Attraction Life Coach ™ involves a dynamic, supportive and evolutionary process that nurtures your ability to take charge of your life. You will experience an increased capacity to explore your options, determine a best-fit approach, and manifest the change you want in your life with confidence, increased self-awareness and a renewed sense of motivation.  Our coaching relationship will leverage my skills, your commitment, and our faith in your ability to co-create the reality you deserve.

What makes Powerdigm Life

What makes POWERdigm Life Coaching so different? As a POWERdigm Life Coach ™, I help you learn to tap into your connection with spirit to direct your life. I get you aligned so that you can harness all of your spiritual power to bring your dreams to fruition. Within you is an amazing gift. It becomes amazing in ‘it’s’ transformational virtue when we learn to tap into ‘it’-increasing our ability to see beyond the physical world with ‘it’. When we become comfortable through experience using inner wisdom, we can take quantum leaps.

pinkshirt and pinkskirtI  help you understand how important it is to understand your creative essence and its power to bring about miraculous transformation. I focus on your ability to manifest using spiritual and quantum physics principles, such as the law of attraction and consciousness. You can expect dramatic changes when working with me, as there is an added focus at a deeper level that is designed to help you release blockages on your path to realizing your vision.

I can guide you through a process whereby you are able to develop the thoughts, belief systems, and habits that will ultimately transform your consciousness and open you up to the abundance of the universe.

Work with me now!!