I’m Tunisia Ali, a POWERdigm Law of Attraction Coach. If your vibrational resonance landed you on this page, then our frequencies have crossed paths and this meeting is divine synchronicity! I discovered a long time ago that when I put universal principles to work, coupled with an increased vibration, and new thought patterns and beliefs, I was able to create a change in both my internal and external worlds. The more I worked at it, the better I became. In other words, I was able to use my inner game to manifest my outer game. This brought me a quality of life that I never thought was possible, a successful business, quality relationships, new opportunities, and fearless living. I became passionate about this new ability. 

I decided it was time to share this gift with other women who were not satisfied with mediocrity and wanted more from life. Women who wanted to find their soulmates or twin flames, start heart-centered businesses, develop their spirituality, and/or manifest more abundance in their lives.  I develop partnerships  with women who want to leverage the law of attraction along with other energetic principles to manifest more fulfillment in their lives. Specifically, I help women heal their energy and shift their vibration into a higher frequency so that they can manifest money, opportunities, and relationships more effortlessly. I teach women how to harness and reclaim the gift of their feminine energy in order to align with the universe and spirit to create the lives of their dreams.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you are dealing with relationship issues, lack of self-worth, dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, or feel compelled to master the art of manifesting, I will take the sojourn with you and help you reach your vision of success.

Are you ready to get your transformation on?  Check out my Powerdigm Life Coach™ page to see how a partnership with me, can stretch your possibilities for transformation. Find out more about my  P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M. Formula to Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation or the Manifesting an Orgasmic Life ™  series. These course are sure to help you up-level your life at your own pace and on a payment plan. 

What Do You Most Need Support With?

  • Clearing limiting beliefs and eliminating self-sabotaging habits
  • Starting a heart-centered enterprise
  • Manifesting wealth and healing money issues
  • Attracting your soulmate or twin flame
  • Determining your passion, purpose or direction

I will help you to shine the light of awareness on the things you need clarity with or things that are secretly interfering with your goddess potential. I will assist you in exploring options and taking actions that move you closer to your dreams. In a life coaching relationship with me, you will discover many things along the path that will enrich your life.  Work With Me!

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