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Using Your Intuition To Navigate Life

Why is intuition so important to achieving what you want out of life and why should you have a vested interest in developing and heightening it? Intuition is an informing energy. Intuition is the way the spiritual part of you communicates with you and attempts to guide you to that which is your soul’s highest… Continue reading Using Your Intuition To Navigate Life


Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset

What exactly is a prosperity mindset? A prosperity mindset is a set of thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being that cause you to view life from a place of abundance and deep appreciation for the gift of life. It is characterized by consistent gratitude, spiritual growth, acceptance and an overall feeling of being able to take command… Continue reading Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset

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7 Top Reasons to Walk Away From a Bad Relationship

Bad relationship are just that, BAD!  They have a profound impact on our psyche in more ways than we realize. I know we can all think of a lot of reasons to leave a bad relationship. However, there are  some things we often overlook when we are in a bad relationship and trying to decide… Continue reading 7 Top Reasons to Walk Away From a Bad Relationship

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Living Your Truth

 I think we can all think of a time in our lives when we just weren't living our truth. I know I can. A time when we were more concerned about what others might think instead of what we ourselves thought. Whether its about wanting to severe a relationship, to separate from a particular religious… Continue reading Living Your Truth

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How To Bounce Back From a Bad Relationship

There were also some insights I needed to be able to see that helped me accept the 'failure' of the marriages/relationships

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Five Power Moves To Accelerate Your Desires and Aspirations

Manifesting is a skill that requires revamping the way you think about life, who you are, and what is possible.

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Don’t Dwell (In the Past)….

All of us know consciously why it's not a good idea to dwell in the past. At least we say we do. Then again, some of us really do think it's healthy to dig up the past, excavate our pains, constantly share them, and remain there- wearing the badges of honor that come with carrying… Continue reading Don’t Dwell (In the Past)….