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Using Your Intuition To Navigate Life

Why is intuition so important to achieving what you want out of life and why should you have a vested interest in developing and heightening it?

Woman listening to her intuition

Intuition is an informing energy. Intuition is the way the spiritual part of you communicates with you and attempts to guide you to that which is your soul’s highest calling and that which will allow you to evolve into your best version. Your intuition is your personal little GPS and can do far more than merely alert you to danger. This innate tool is so powerful, and it’s just waiting to be accessed to make your wildest dreams come true. Often our access to this valuable gift is blocked, and we are unable to fully benefit from it.


Our intuition also comes to us in varying ways, but often it visits us as a quiet voice, coming once and seeming to be supported by synchronicity.  It seems to pop out of nowhere as an inspiration. It doesn’t involve any guessing or figuring things out. It is frequently accompanied by a feeling of sheer neutrality or a sense of relief. It just feels right on every level!


Intuition gives us a feeling of deep knowing or truth, without any logical reason. Deep within us we know this, although we often -due to left-brain thinking and programming- choose not to act on intuition. When we fail to act on our intuition, we lose the benefit of its guidance. We falter in our ability to overcome obstacles quickly. We also  learn to distrust ourselves. Another cost of failing to act on our intuition is that things around us can grow steadily worse causing us to prolong our suffering and the suffering of others. When we go against the advice of our intuition and instead choose to allow our brain and ego to guide us, we experience more inner turmoil and an inability to engage our authentic self expression.


There are a lot of ways to hear the inner voice of your soul more often. Meditating, taking quiet time away from distractions, being in nature, pursuing creative projects, and doing energy work to clear obstacles to intuition. Opening your third eye is an excellent way to begin experiencing more insight as well. Probably the best way though is to take heed when you do hear it. As you do this more and more, the inner voice will come through more often.

As an POWERdigm Law of Attraction Coach , I see the importance of helping my clients to engage their intuition more often and notice the synchronicity of events and signs around them. I encourage my clients to begin acting on this source of divine inspiration. At Butterfly Transformations, my core beliefs rest in a ‘knowing’ that every event we encounter is in perfect synchronicity and in accord with what we need in order to ascend and actualize our true calling. When we look at life in this way, we trust in our higher power to provide for our needs. We know that there are no mistakes. We understand that unrest and confusion are a part of a magnificent process designed to bring us face-to-face with the best life has to offer. We learn to relax in the security that everything will work out of the best. We recognize that our job mostly entails listening to our inner guide and watching out for the miracles and opportunities that are road posts along the way.


  1. In what ways is your intuition guiding you away from something in your life now?
  2. Recall a time when you didn’t listen to your intuition. What was the price you paid?
  3. What can you do to strengthen your intuition

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