Cultivating a Prosperity Mindset

Properity MindsetWhat exactly is a prosperity mindset? A prosperity mindset is a set of thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being that cause you to view life from a place of abundance and deep appreciation for the gift of life. It is characterized by consistent gratitude, spiritual growth, acceptance and an overall feeling of being able to take command of your life and experience the flow of unlimited wealth and abundance that are your birthright. It requires that you accept the reality of yourself as a field of pure potential. A prosperity mindset also requires that you accept the abundance in the universe as encompassing all things, including you. 

A prosperity mindset acts as a protective covering as we matriculate life and all of its challenges and lessons. It can help us to manage and often overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia and so much more. Overall, you will enjoy better health. Another benefit is that we begin to feel better about ourselves as negative energy and beliefs are released. It’s my opinion that the aforementioned are some of the greatest unintended consequences of this path.

Life is synonymous with the eternal flow of loving, life-sustaining energy. If at any point in your experience you find that you are not experiencing this flow, are not energized, or not feeling wealthy or living abundantly, you can know for sure that somewhere within you, you are not receiving. In other words you are blocking bountiful life-sustaining energy from reaching you.  This is true for absolutely any area of your life, whether it be finances, love, career, or anything else. You are in fact a spiritual being having a material experience here on earth. You have the gift of being able to co-create anything you want to the extent you believe you can.

It is impossible to exist in this boundless universe and not experience the abundance that the rest of creation experiences unless somehow you are offering up resistance to its flow.  Reflect on the last time you felt uneasy about something. Go back to what you were thinking at that time of those feelings. Trace those feelings back even further to their root. Continue to regress further until you identify what fear thought, lack thought, or negative thought was at the source of your dis-ease. You will no doubt find that on some level, there was a limiting belief that was influencing your ability to experience positivity or a sense of empowerment.

Imagine living from a place of deep gratitude, inner joy and peace, and a belief in your divine nature. Imagine believing that you have an entire spiritual team aiding and abetting your every desire.  Imagine getting to a point where you experience that life is not hard at all. Imagine being in a space where you regularly witness how your thoughts create things in your life. Imagine feeling empowered to take inspired action regularly because you are motivated and you see the results.

This is what it is like to embrace prosperity consciousness with your full being. You live an experience that is often radically different from how the majority of other people live life. Cultivating a prosperity mindset until it becomes your default requires greater self-awareness and the willingness to identify the ways that your current life reflects a scarcity mindset. It also requires the desire to take a close look at how you have been blocking abundance already.

How Do We Block Abundance?

There are many ways that we can block the abundance of life from reaching us. Sometimes we are aware of it and at other times we can be unaware of it. You can block abundance from reaching you by:

  • Not really understanding your true nature and your source
  • Not having an awareness of the beliefs you hold about life and wealth that govern how you have been responding to life
  • Having feelings of worthlessness
  • Allowing negative emotions to consume you and dictate your actions or the lack thereof
  • Being  unwilling to take personal responsibility for where you find yourself
  • Allowing thoughts of limit and lack to run rampant in your consciousness unchecked
  • Not comprehending the fact that your belief structure, and how you experience life is largely inherited and not at all based on how the universe actually works
  • Allowing fears to cut you off from bountiful experiences and new learning
  • Entertaining people or energies in your life that negatively impact your vibration
  • Failing to see and fully experience the abundance you’ve already been blessed with

Cultivating a prosperity mindset requires a profound departure from the way you may have viewed life and reality in the past. Blocks to abundance and things you dont think you can changeIt is one of the most empowering steps you can take to becoming a conscious creator of your world. You will also find that it is the kind of mindset that can often be met with opposition and indifference from those who are very comfortable with complaining about life and being a victim of their circumstances. Initially, as you embark upon this journey, you will need to be vigilant in guarding your mindset and becoming very aware of the energies around you that may unconsciously seek to dampen your passion about your new empowered view of life. A scarcity paradigm is how most of us have been conditioned from childhood, and leaving this way of life behind has its challenges for sure. However, there are way more rewards in leaving this way of living far far behind..

If you are willing to be dedicated to cultivating a prosperity mindset, and committed to staying the course, victory will be yours. This commitment and dedication is the only way to ensure you stabilize a healthier and happier you. Anything that you want to make a habit in your life has to become a guiding principle in the forefront of your mind as you go about each moment of life. The more you do this, the more you are able to root out the falsehoods of a scarcity mindset of lack and fear. Mindfulness will become a way of life. Becoming aware of your conscious thoughts, and using your feelings and circumstances to get an idea of your unconscious beliefs is a very powerful way to gage where you are on your path.

Breaking the power of negative thinkingDoing mindset work requires energy and effort. It is a daily labor of love that has awesome rewards. As you begin to embrace a prosperity mindset more and more, you will find that life energies flow through you effortlessly, as you no longer offer the resistance to life as you did in the past.  It will become amazing to you how small shifts in your perspective, along with nurturing activities, can allow you to release energy that has been a barrier to your living a fuller more satisfying life. You begin to recognize that you have created the life you now live in every way. It has been your beliefs and your thoughts about reality that have found their way as the artifacts in your life.

5 Sure Ways to Cultivate a Prosperity Mindset

  1. Master your thoughts. Becoming mindfully aware of the thoughts you have, which are often on autopilot, is one of the most powerful ways to cultivate a prosperity mindset.
  2. Practice gratitude every day. If you are already engaging this practice, take it off of autopilot. To get the  greatest benefit it is critical to be fully present in the moment, center yourself with deep breathing and come from a place of deep sincerity, really feeling what you are grateful for.
  3. Seek out the positive. In all situations, train yourself to see the positive side or the lesson in every single experience.
  4. Release negative emotions. Purge yourself of negative emotions by tackling what these emotions reveal about what still needs healing.
  5. Connect with your inner divine. Connecting with the substance of your identity gives you a feeling of aliveness, appreciation, completion, and bliss. Set aside a couple of hours or more, at regular intervals to detach from the world and all interactions. Simply be. The time you spend putting yourself first will be worth it. You may be thinking, “I don’t have that kind of time!” Be careful, that’s a limiting belief! Smile.

Butterfly Questions to Ponder: 

  1. What am I currently creating in my life (as I survey the circumstances in which I find myself)?
  2. Where am I offering up resisting to abundance in my life?
  3. Where in my life could I be achieving more if I were to believe differently?
  4. What beliefs do I hold about money? About relationships? About my career goals?
  5. Usually when I feel anxious, where do I feel it and what does the feeling reveal about a particular limiting belief I have?

Now that you have made it to the end of my article, I hope you have found real value in my sharing. I thoroughly enjoy coaching highly functioning individualswho are craving a healthier mindset and a more fulfilling life. I enjoy helping them break through to who they really are and unleashing their hidden potential. This often involves significant mindset shifts and an overall implementation of new habits that support prosperity consciousness and wealth creation. I’d love to partner with you to transform your life. Call me today to set up your discovery consultation session.







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