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Living Your Truth

 I think we can all think of a time in our lives when we just weren’t living our truth. I know I can. A time when we were more concerned about what others might think instead of what we ourselves thought. Whether its about wanting to severe a relationship, to separate from a particular religious group, to declare your sexual orientation, or to announce that you don’t want to go to college, it doesn’t matter. Obviously, it’s different for each person. It can be any issue or life situation that creates a conflict with what you want and how you feel others will react to your news. Living authentically isn’t always easy.

During these challenging times, we begin almost living a double life. This creates an inner conflict and causes quite a bit of distress as we try to suppress the truth of who we really are. It’s during these times when we really have to dig deep and find the courage to be the person that we are inside on the outside as well. I believe that who we are is about where we’ve been and what we have learned. In other words, we are in a constant state of flux as we live and experience in the world.

Whatever your experiences are that result in a change in how you choose to live or what decisions you choose to make, you must own your change. Feel free to express the truth of who you are. It’s a part of your unique journey. Unfortunately, as much as we know it shouldn’t really matter what other people think, what others will think of us can paralyze us. 

I feel that if we work on the inner part of ourselves, as well as taking certain external steps, the journey to our true self can be a tad less sticky.

Use the 5 steps and questions below in order to help make the transition to the new you easier. 

  1. Accept who you are. Before anyone else can accept you, you must accept yourself. Literally, say to yourself and believe that you are just fine the way you are. Refuse to fight it anymore.

    Ask yourself:
    Who am I not to be who I am?  What makes me unique? What have been the pitfalls of my failure to have a love affair with who I am?
  2. Begin to nurture and become comfortable with who you are. Give yourself permission to be who you are. Self-validation is important. Practice feeling good about how you have chosen to redefine your life. Remember, this happens within you and before you share your feelings with others. This is freeing. It will help you to see how you haven’t been nurturing yourself. Ask yourself: In  what ways can i deepen my ability to feel more comfortable with who I am? How do I feel when I am free to be me?

  3. Realize that evolution requires that you step into your truth. The longer you resist this, the more inner turmoil you will have. None of us can resist evolution. So, have faith that everything is unfolding exactly the way it should be.Ask yourself: How does accepting myself continue to my evolution? What will accepting myself allow me to do? What are the consequences of living my lie?
  4. Visualize what you feel like, what you look like, and how you are in your truth. When we visualize, we create the energetic reality of something. As long as we feed this energy, we will soon see the manifestation of it.Ask yourself:  What is your life like now in your vision? What does it feel like?  How is your heart lighter? How are you more relaxed? Has your health been impacted by opening up to this new idea of you? What are the benefits that are now in your life because you are living authentically?
  5. Muster the courage, step forward and be who and what it is you are. Its time to go LIVE!
    Open yourself up to the flow of life by no longer resisting truth. You’ve done all the inner work and now its time to come out of the closet!  You will be a beacon of life for others to drop their charade? Invite the flow of new vibrational energies into your life as old ones flow out!Ask yourself: How have I helped myself by stepping into my truth? Who did/will I disappoint in doing this and how did/ will I deal with the fall-out?  What lessons have I learned? In what ways is living authentically better for my health?

Butterfly Affirmations:

  1. I am all there is
  2. My worthiness was/is established by the Creator
  3. I am enough
  4. My worthiness was at already at capacity at birth.
  5. I am the source of my views of myself
  6. I matter

Tunisia Ali, Powerdigm Coach-Butterfly Transformations

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