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Five Power Moves To Accelerate Your Desires and Aspirations

power moves.pngWe hear  oodles and oodles about manifesting these days.  When we manifest, we bring abstract ideas and visualizations of what we want to achieve into concrete reality. Even if you are all already manifesting, it’s still helpful to reinforce what you are doing with some of the principles I will mention. If you are just aspiring to manifest, I hope to clarify  some very important steps in the process. The things I will discuss have helped me and are continuing to help me in my life as I get better and more skilled at the practice of manifesting.

Yes, manifesting is a skill that requires revamping the way you think about life, who you are, and what is possible. Yup, in order to manifest you have to take a major departure from the old you. Depart from the one whose has lived beneath the radar of what you are capable of. Depart from the one who has accepted that life is hard and that success is reserved for a privileged few.

The power moves I am going to share with you are so important because they help keep you (the vessel) clear. Keeping your vessel clear and aligned with what you seek is an essential component any kind of manifestation work. The popular scientific principle that “two things cannot occupy the same space” is really true as it relates to the focus required to co-create! Practice these moves day in and day out until you master them. The degree to which you master them determines the degree to which you create!!

violet-and-green-butterflyPOWER MOVE #1  Deal With Your Junk

Heal your issues. All of us have issues we need to deal with. Sometimes, these are issues on a conscious level we think we have put behind us. In order to clear your vessel of baggage so that you will have the required momentum, you must (at the very least) come to terms with your issues. Baggage is negative energy residing in your psyche that holds you back. That’s the bottom line. Until you shine the light of awareness on your shit, recognize patterns, and begin addressing the root causes, your ability to self actualize will be limited. Sure, no one is perfect, but you have to be ‘about’ slaying your dragons. This begins with acknowledging your problems and your role in creating them. Then you must get busy redefining these issues to empower yourself, and resolving them in a way that allows you to leave them behind once and for all. For some people, this is energy work; for others, its spiritual counseling or something else; Whatever method you choose, it needs to enable you to release their negative emotional, mental, physical and spiritual impact on your life.

Butterfly Question: Ask yourself, what past and current wounds do I need to initiate the healing of in order to move forward?

violet-and-green-butterflyPOWER MOVE #2  Rid Yourself of Distractions

The interesting thing about manifesting is that you must have single-minded intention and focus to be good at it. The less distractions you have or things that will pull you down, the better. This means seriously beginning the process of eliminating all the things in  your life that you know are an impediment to you achieving what you want. We all know we have our vices. Things and people that take up our time. These things that we allow to take up the invaluable resource of time, seldom give back. Being a slave to social media has little tangible reward. Watching TV shows purely for entertainment is another time waster. What about the countless things we do everyday with little thought for the fact that they are not moving us forward–things like minding other people’s business, getting involved in or starting drama, or wasting time at certain places?

The worst distractions are people themselves. Unfortunately, the closer the distraction to you is, the more toxic the person is to what you want to achieve. You have to do the hard work of deciding what you want more, a fulfilling life or the dead end relationship you are in. If a person is not a part of the solution, they are a part of the problem. It’s not a criticism on them. It just means that they cannot assist you in this part of your journey. You have to recognize that giving life force energy to something that drains you threatens your very life!

Butterfly Question: Ask yourself, what 3 things or people things do I need to eliminate from my life today?

violet-and-green-butterflyPOWER MOVE #3  Think Big and See the World as Your Landscape

power moves wonder womanThis is an area where we think very small due to social conditioning and being handed a warped view of reality.  Inheriting a ‘conditioned mind’ has been such a debilitating experience. Here we are decades and decades later trying to escape the shackles. You have to realize that you were put on this planet to manifest the glory of “GOD” through your creative uniqueness. The cap is what you decide. The sky really is the limit. Don’t close your mind to what is possible by contracting your view of things. Keep an open mind and think really big. You are only as limited as you believe. Think of all the magnificent things that people have manifested in creation. If they were stuck in a contracted world view, these things would not have been possible. If they had not dared to dream big, humanity would not be where it is today.

Butterfly Question: Ask yourself, what 5 things do I think are impossible for me and what is the proof for these beliefs?

violet-and-green-butterflyPOWER MOVE #4  Understand More About the Creation/Manifestation Process

There is a process that it helps to be aware of when it comes to manifesting. Obviously, there are many different roads to success, but there are some commonalities as well. It is beneficial to have some idea regarding the following things:

1.  Having clear intentions
2.  The benefits of affirmations
3.  Visualizing
4.  Reprogramming your consciousness
5.  Possessing unwavering belief
6.  Spiritual principles that work for helping you access your goals
7.  Detaching from the outcome

Butterfly Question: Ask yourself what do I need to embed myself in and practice consistently to bring to fruition my desires?

violet-and-green-butterflyPOWER MOVE #5  SURRENDER

You are a creator, but in the larger landscape of your life, you are a co-creator. The universe (multiverse) is always evolving in the direction of what is in the highest good for all. We must do our part within a grander scheme that is influenced by infinite things we could never apprehend. What this means is that you do your part and then surrender the outcome to a higher power that has infinite knowledge of an infinite number of variables. Don’t worry about that part or what you call it. That’s not your concern, really.

As co-creator, get in the game, give it your best, embrace success in the here and now, and wait for the divine plan to unfold. It will no doubt unfold exactly as it should, in the way that it should, in the timing that it should. Be patient and know that you are simply moving towards a destiny that already is. Relax in the ‘knowing’ of this truth. Caste your fate to the wind and watch magnificence manifest.

Everything that occurs along the way is part of the magnificent journey towards your greatness. You have the support of infinite spiritual reinforcements that are have been awaiting your self-empowerment. Yes, the universe has been waiting for you to OWN your creative potential! Once you step to the plate and remain aligned with all 5 power moves, your life will take off exponentially.

Butterfly Question: Ask yourself, how might I be lacking in patience or understanding and interfering with the creation process? How might my lack of trust be impacting my vibration and sending out a conflicting frequency? 

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©2017  by Tunisia Ali, Intuitive Life Coach, M.Ed., RM



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