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5 Keys to Manifesting What We Want in Our Lives?

ManifestingMore and more we keep hearing this word manifesting. Often, we hear it in conjunction with the law of attraction, and it seems like lots of people today are talking about it or trying to do it. Then there are those of us who don’t  buy into it and entrust our reality to a power we believe to be outside of ourselves. Others of us want to be able to manifest, but may be confused as to how to do it. Well, what’s the secret? Or better yet, what are some of the key understandings we must possess and internalize in order to become good at manifesting? In reality we do it already, each and everyday. We are always manifesting and attaching more meaning to what we see around us, and then manifesting more. It could be that we simply haven’t realized our role in creating our circumstances.

My experience has been that conscious manifesting is something that requires an overhaul of the way we have been programmed by society, institutions, and authority figures to think. It means that we have to begin seeing ourselves, our lives, and our reality very differently from what we are accustomed to.  Essentially, we must begin by first reprogramming our minds and hearts to grasp the nature of our ground state and truly understand that our true nature is already one of abundance and always has been. The sad reality is that we’ve been conditioned to believe the opposite, and through this travesty, we’ve lost our power over our lives and have been living in ignorance.

The inner most part of our being is already infinite, all-knowing, self-evolving, and complete. We were created in a perfect state of bliss, balance and dynamism. We are in fact a field of pure potential waiting for a  directive or command. The sooner we embrace these imperatives, the sooner we can begin creating. This first hurdle is perhaps the most difficult to overcome and requires the greatest degree of vigilance, in my opinion. Why? Because for most of us, seeing ourselves in the world as limited, dependent on external variables, and victims of chance has been our mainstay. As a result, we have amassed a system within that seeks to validate this day in and day out by constantly feeding us more and more of the same limiting beliefs. The most superficial part of ourselves, our ego or our personality, identifies greatly with this illusion and operates in our awareness without us even being aware! It is here that the work begins.

We must gain control over our thoughts and exercise our right to program our minds with the truth that we now want to operate from. The easiest way to do this is to strive to live from the deepest part of ourselves–our inner essence.  Buddha Manifesting.jpgWhen we shift our perception to this part of ourselves, we get in touch with our perfection and realize our fearlessness. We also realize that our worthiness has already been established for us by the creator or universal presence. Aligning with this truth and vibration from the deepest part of our core guarantees our success! Reprogramming our mind and getting in touch with our inner essence must become conscious habits that we cultivate until they become automatic. Doing this frees us from the confines of limited thinking and is the first and most powerful step to regaining our freedom. The greater the degree to which we master this, the faster we are able to manifest.

Secondly, we must believe that we have all the magic inside of us that’s  needed to materialize whatever we choose. Thoughts are power and energy, and have infinite organizing capacity.  We do indeed  possess all that is required within us, but the belief and the ‘knowing’ is on us. Remember, in our ground state, we are complete and perfect. The reality of our existence is tied to a spiritual web of miracles and a complex interplay of synchronous events that orchestrate all of creation. All we have to do is step to the plate!

Then, we must willingly enter into the field of unknown possibilities and infinite potentials with zest and release our intention. What is it that you intend to call into reality? Part of entering into the field of unknowns is surrendering to the outcome and understanding that everything happens for our highest good and in accord with what honors our evolution. When you awaken each day, set your intention(s) and be mindful of what you are creating as your experience unfolds in every moment. What are your emotions and thoughts drawing to you? What is your reflection showing you about yourself? Face the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity about what awaits you and about what you will learn rather than facing the day with fear and anxiety about unknown variables.

Remaining in alignment with our vision, purpose, intuition and calls to action is another critical piece to manifesting. Keeping our eyes, heart, mind and spirit on our vision and purpose for our lives. We must use our vibrational frequency to fuel these and allow them to fuel us with positive energy. intuitionWe must quiet our minds so that we can access our intuition or so that your intuition can access us. Listening to its gentle urgings and reminders, and adhering to the ‘synchronicities’ that occur in our lives propels us forward bringing us closer to our manifestation. Heed the calls to action. When the messages come as divine intervention, we must be open to receive and take the necessary steps we are being guided to take without doubt. We must know that there is no wrong course of action. There is only an awakening to the reality.

Lastly, we must stay present with the practice. We must continue to repeat the steps above until they become automatic and second nature. The more we do this, the more we resonate the vibrations necessary to direct our lives according to will. Manifesting consciously and according to our soul’s highest nature will become easier and easier.

Always bear in mind that challenges will present themselves  in the form of naysayers,  inner fears and doubts, and other negative energies that drain the energy reserves needed to manifest. It is important to take stock of these things and know where you are on your continuum of progress and to not let anything stand in the way of you stepping into your divine birthright! 

The 5 Keys to Manifesting (UBERS)

  1. Understand abundance is your birthright and a divine imperative.
  2. Believe you have all the magic you need within you to create the world you want.
  3. Enter into the field of infinite unknowns and release your intention.
  4. Remain in alignment with you vision, purpose, intuition and calls to action.
  5. Stay present with the practice.

Butterfly Questions to Ponder:

  1. Do I believe that my thoughts fuel my emotions which then fuel my response to situations creating my reality?
  2. What role did I play in getting to where I find myself today?
  3. What is the difference between people who are successful in life and those who are not? Where did this belief come from?
  4. What are my beliefs about life? What adjectives can I use to describe life as I see it?
  5. What does society generally teach us about our lives and the world we live in in terms of what life is about and opportunities for success? Do I agree or disagree?


Tunisia Ali, Intuitive Life Coach and Reiki Master        www.butterflytransformations.com

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