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Who Are You Drawing to You?

Are you making a POWERDIGM shift and noticing that people in your life that you have always been close to seem to be drifting away or worse, not showing support for the positive changes in your life?
Have you noticed that your energy seems to distance or even repel people who have always been dear friends or beloved family members?
Are you experiencing a shift within where you notice that it’s also YOU who is slowly moving in another direction–away from them, which limits the closeness you once had with folks you held near and dear?michelle-obama-pose-tunisia-ali-copy
Are others coming into your life, making their presence known and bearing messages of opportunity and the forging of new relationships?
We, as energy beings with our own unique energetic imprint or vibrational resonance, will always attract what reflects where we are in our lives (our consciousness). In fact, those closest to us function as mirrors in our lives showing us the true nature of who we are and what we project to the world, while helping us to see what we still have not conquered in terms of self-mastery. In this way, the people, events, and circumstances we find ourselves in and around serve to assist our soul’s evolution. It is critical to recognize that the people in our life bring lessons, purging and self-revelation. Our surroundings reflect where we are in our journey. Birds of a feather do flock together!! All of these people, circumstances and events are in divine order and are designed to help us accelerate the unfolding of our divine destiny. Always welcome these folks and whatever they bring with them. It no doubt will bring out the best in you! Every experience and every person that enters our life is a messenger or guide that helps us further our travels into our INNERVERSE.
By the same token, be assured that those figures who have moved on have also done so due to divine decree. They too came with their message to show you what you needed to see or experience or cleanse within yourself. When either your frequency or their frequency changes, the purposefulness is no more and a shift occurs. Do not mourn loss for too long, as it interferes with your ability to see the grace and infinite wisdom of the Creator.
Give thanks for the many blessings and comings and goings of messengers that will come into your life to help you reach your full potential?
Butterfly Questions to Ask Yourself:
  1.  What kinds of people am I surrounded by?

  2. Do the people I find myself amongst reflect my values? Why or why not?

  3. What are my biggest gripes about the ONE closest to me, and what is it about him or her that reflects traits within me?

  4. Am I ready to face the areas of greatest need of cleansing within me as I look at the real source of my criticism of others?

  5. Am I experiencing inner growth or stagnation or even ‘de-evolving’?
Butterfly steps to take:
  1. Reach out to someone from your past to thank them for a lesson you learned long after they were gone.

  2. Recognize 2 experiences that you labeled as negative and the people associated with those experiences, and redefine the experience and the positive lesson you learned. While doing this, deposit a spiritual ‘thank you’ in that individual’s bank account.

  3. Name 2 traits you’d like to change within yourself and make a list of people in your inner circle that seem to have those same traits.

  4. Find an example of someone in your life that may have outgrown you and moved on. Examine what happened and define the exiting of that individual in terms of vibrational incompatibility.


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