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Silence Really is Golden

     Silence is golden. Haven’t you heard that so many times? Likely, yes. However,  we generally say this phrase in relationship to tuning out the thoughts and views of others and saying less in response to an external stimulus (the views of others). In other words, silence can be a form of resistance rather than submission. Silence really is golden though, as a form of submission. Silence allows you to submit to what is–to find sanctuary and fearlessness in the unknown of quiet–the present moment. Silence allows you to draw from the deepest part of yourself that is eternal and unattached to the temporal influences of a worldly existence. It is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration.
     Today our lives are so busy and filled with stimuli that we hardly have an opportunity to stop, reflect, quiet our minds and benefit from the clarity that is our divine birthright. The only way to tap into this reservoir of ‘knowing’ that exists within each of us is to quiet our minds. We must find the time to withdraw from events, people, situations and habitual living. We must find the time to journey to the place that exists within each of us that is timeless, ageless, fearless, and is the source of our pure and unbounded potential.
     One of the easiest ways to access this place is to begin cultivating silence. Ideally, setting aside a day (at regular intervals) to abstain from worldly activities is ideal. More time is even better. However, even 2-3 hours of sustained silence at regular intervals can bring you such bliss and joy. Make this practice a necessity in your life. Establish a value for all of the states of mind and ways of being that this simple practice can bring into your life.
Set aside your phones, music, radio, chores, cooking, all technology, books and any other tasks that are stimulating and just BE! You will be amazed at what happens when you must deal with yourself. You will be amazed at how the multitude of external stimuli have stolen your peace, stripped you of your freedom, and imprisoned your thinking. After the initial turmoil and anxiety of being still set in and subside, the realization that you have drifted far from what really matters will begin to emerge.  You will now be able to separate the real you from the ‘you in the world’. Suddenly a different reality will dawn, and as you sustain the practice you will be able to gain insight into how many of these distractions aren’t as important as you have made them. You will begin to experience a profound sense of peace that you will be able to take back with you as you ride the tide of everyday life.
     The brief inner journeys we take can be extremely restorative and beneficial for our spirits. During these periods of inner travel, we are in a state of balance and can experience deep healing and transformation. Self-awareness increases, the quiet voice of our soul can be heard, and clarity is maximized. What have you got to lose? Try it! Its time to get back to your natural state–one of harmony and balance. Adopt a practice that works.
Ask Yourself the Following Butterfly Questions to Determine If You Need a Silent Day:
1. Am I feeling overwhelmed?
2. When was the last time I went a day without my cell phone?
3. Am I often multi-tasking while on the phone?
4. Do I drive while on the phone?
5. Am I always stimulated by something outside of myself such as TV, media, technology, reading, conversation, etc.?
6. When was the last time I spent time with myself in quiet reflections?
7. Do I often feel too busy to do the things I say I value?
8. Am I often anxious?
9. Do I sleep poorly at night or awaken not feeling restored?
10. Can I meditate or sit still for 20 minutes or more without feeling antsy?
11. When was the last time I was actually present in the moment and not ruminating about the past or imagining the future?
12. Am I feeling unempowered in areas of my life and unable to hear my inner voice?
13. Am I often tired and low on energy?
14. Am I restless and unable to sit quietly without engaging something externally, unless I am sleep?
If you can relate to any of the questions above, it’s highly likely you could benefit from a silent day!!
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