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Creating New Paradigms For Living

paradigmWhat is it that you really believe about life, the nature of reality, people, your purpose?
When is the last time you really took a critical look at what governs your life?
Are the beliefs you affirm in your life creating joy, bliss, and fulfillment for you?
As higher energies permeate the universe, an awakening is occurring across the planet that is impacting us at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. We are being called back to our true natures.
A paradigm is a framework that contains assumptions about ways of thinking, being, and believing that characterize a group or subgroup of people. Social conditioning, cultures, religions, schools, authority figures, and media, etc. frequently create the lens through which most of us view the world. Without realizing it, at a core level, our intentions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions are governed by an external script that is often out of alignment with the evolution of our soul.  Society has pushed us away from holistic thinking models. Our schools, the people in our environment, and the way we have been programmed by the media and other entities to view life in separateness has stripped us of the memory of our oneness and connectedness with all that exists. This disharmony is reverberating outwardly and negatively impacting the entirety of our planet.
Alienation, chaos, suffering, disorientation and a fundamental disconnectedness from our true nature have reached epidemic proportions. The life of the average person today is extremely out of balance. With work and family demands, a fast-paced lifestyle, technological advances, dysfunctional coping mechanisms, and lack of attention to our physical and spiritual well-being, many of us are dealing with the emotional, spiritual and physical consequences of a life spinning out of control. We have become disconnected from our essence. This experience alienates us from who we truly are as spiritual beings and causes us to fall out of alignment with the harmony and divinity that is our very nature.
As we look at the world around us and within ourselves, it is becoming increasingly clear to many of us that our current paradigms cannot serve to propel us forward to our highest selves. For others of us, the hefty price of denial can be witnessed in stress, an inability to cope, illness, dysfunctional relationships, and spiritual emptiness as old paradigms continue to operate in our awareness. A rebalancing and return to wholeness is necessary in order to successfully navigate the discord we may find ourselves in. We must create and embrace new paradigms for living-ones that unite us, allow us to embrace our inner divinity, and empower us to co-create the lives we deserve.
The time has come to release the catabolic, low vibrational energy patterns that have permeated the collective self-destroying unity consciousness and causing us to live in lack and fear- forgetting our fundamental abundance and divine natures. The time has come to intensify our spiritual evolution. It is now that we must reclaim our birthright- peace, harmony, self-fulfillment, heightened states of consciousness and overall wellness. We must now go to the source of our disharmony and disconnectedness. We must become conscious and awaken from the illusion we have been living that has been the source of our darkness, anxiety and disenchantment.  The time has come to go WITHIN for our answers and our healing. It is NOW time to simplify our response to life and begin experiencing our authentic destiny.
Our cosmos is structured to bring about expansion and growth and is always in the direction of greater love and happiness. Soul evolution requires that you along with the rest of creation grow and travel in the direction of a higher and more expansive reality. 
Butterfly Activity:
1. List 3 things you’ve been allowing to govern your life that may not really be making sense to you or resulting in change for the better. Surely you believe them. These things may not come from a place of knowing, a soulful place. They are confirmed in the mind, but are likely outdated.
2. Search your mind and jot down the source of these beliefs?
3. Counter these beliefs with something that seems more rational or based in truth to you?
4. Make a list of things you believe (as a result of what you’ve been told or how you’ve been conditioned) and things you KNOW to be true from inner experiences.
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