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Walking Away From Bad Energy

negative-energy-peopleSometimes the most difficult thing we do is attempting to leave behind people, places, events and circumstances that no longer serve us. Sometimes the most valuable thing we can do is leave behind people, places, events and circumstances that no longer serve us. As we peel back the layers of self-revelation, disclosing the circumstances of the life we have created, it can be heart-wrenching at times to leave behind things that have become fixtures in our lives, especially when they are people we have been close to. It’s during these times that we really have to pull on all the strength we have to forge ahead in a new direction without looking back. After all, we can never move forward while looking back, can we?

For whatever reason, you are coming to or have come to the realization that it is time to ‘clean house’. The process that allowed you to arrive at this precipice could not have been an easy one and may have even been filled with tumult, self-doubt, backsliding, longing, fear, and anxiety. These are common experiences we go through as the fires of change  purge us of those things that cause dis-ease within us- those things we heretofore  refused to let go of. Perhaps we were not ready to let go. It was certainly not time. How do we know this? We know this because it was too hard to let go and we were more comfortable with the familiarity of whatever chaos it was causing rather than the discomfort of something new. We were afraid.

As the fires of change brings about the confusion that scorches us, peels back our layers, reveals our pain, and challenges the depths of our soul, it is the mercy of love and compassion that renews our spirit, encourages us to push ahead, provides the insight and clarity needed to envision a brighter day, and ultimately heals us. This ever lasting cycle of butterfly transformations hones us for a level of heightened self-awareness, courage in the face of fears, and divine inspiration that becomes a cornerstone in our life. As we begin to face the uncertainties of our existence as a set of manageable opportunities and adventures that we are ultimately steering and co-creating, we are EMPOWERED, we are.

If you have distanced yourself from a person who has brought you past turmoil, confusion and negativity,  clarify your answers to the following questions as affirmation that you made the right choice:


Butterfly Questions to Ponder:

  1. In what ways did this person make you unhappy or often keep you in an agonizing state of uneasiness?
  2. Do you remember hearing that inner voice always telling you to move away from this energy?
  3. During your affiliation with this individual, which emotion characterized you more often (in relationship to this person)? Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Confusion, or Comfort, Peace, Tranquility, Clarity?
  4. How often did you find yourself making excuses to stay in a relationship of sorts with this person?
  5. Now that you have put space between you and this individual, are you finding more comfort in your new life, without the influence of the destructive energy?

Things to Consider as You Move Forward On Your Path to Butterfly Transformations:

  1. We create the circumstances we find ourselves in and can change them with resolve and courage.
  2. Always celebrate who you are just the way you are. Self-love and self affirm the message that you are special.
  3. Remember, as difficult as it can be to keep from backsliding, doing so will inevitably upset the newfound balance and tranquility in your life causing you to descend again into a state of confusion.
  4. You can wish the best for a person, and hope their life improves without having to sacrifice your own health and wellness.
  5. A healthy and secure relationship with someone makes you feel good, empowers you to be your best self and reinforces those things you need for your equanimity and self growth.


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