Psychic Soul Matters and the Occult

Oracle Cards Can Amplify Your Self-Awareness

I think there was a time when oracle decks, tarot cards and anything associated with the unseen realm was taboo. Pictures of gypsy women looking into crystal balls or spooky fortune tellers no doubt come to mind, IMG_5482
as do a general shunning of folks who partake in the occult. Truly this artform has been misunderstood and often maligned. In fact, there are still people today who don’t fully comprehend how useful these tools can be in helping us to evolve into more self-aware people who trust in the universe’s  or higher power’s ability to lead us towards divine guidance. How do you feel about oracle or tarot cards? 

Due to the the way these tools have been misused and misrepresented, their ability to serve as a tool to help us clarify our ambitions, illuminate our path, understand our emotions and relationships, and foster increased intuition has been overlooked and dismissed by many.

People have given the cards, and those who communicate “readings” a power that they simple do not have and this has caused unnecessary fear in the hearts of some. The power rests with the individual (s) interacting with the cards and his or her intentions, and levels of discernment. You can liken the experience to one you might have with a therapist who might help you in seeking answers that reside within deep within your subconsious. Even still, as the therapist or counselor works to assist you in clarifying your goals or helping you heal past pain, it is you who must seek the answers and participate in the self-discovery process. This is a fact, regardless of whatever messages he or she might have for you, or better yet, be inspired to communicate to you through his or her insight or via revelation and divine synchronicity.

How many times has the energy you sent forth been returned in like kind.

How often have answers you sincerely sought come by way of a string of events or synchronicities that only you perceived the significance of?

Do you agree or disagree that messages sometimes come in unexpected packages from unexpected people being used as instruments of truth, even unbeknownst to them? 

Guidance comes in limitless ways and is a personal experience. We need only be seeking, and be open to revelation and the creative and infinite ways in which it descends.

Essentially you are a field of energy. Everything in creation is a field of energy, which really is infinitely moldable every moment. Our thoughts are the fastest energy, moving speedier than light. Consciousness or thoughts are all around us. We create them every moment and our bodies and the world around us metabolize these packets of information into physical realities. Our conscious and subconscious thoughts have an energetic vibration just as our total beings (including our emotions) do. These vibrations are constantly being interpreted by the world of beings around us and responded to in the creation of more denser energies we define as matter–that which we can see and feel with our 5 senses.

Intention is the most powerful of thoughts. It acts as a prayer and has infinite organizing power. In other words, your intentions can create reality right before your eyes, manifesting what you intend. All you need to to do is be aware of the opportunities to fuel your intentions. You must be open, that is.

Really, its all quantum mechanics! When you set an intention to receive divine guidance when using oracle cards, impart your own sincere energy into the cards, and open yourself up to revelation from a higher power and spirit beings, you get what you ask for. You are basically sending out a vibratory frequency that resides in your own complicated energy field. This information, your sort of energetic blueprint that includes “all of you” and the totality of your experiences, resonates within an even larger ocean of energy, intelligence and supreme consciousness. Due to the law of attraction, you attract a reading that is in resonance with what you are either seeking, already know deep down, or that which you have yet to bring into your awareness, but need to as a part of your soul’s evolution. Give it a try with an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Butterfly Questions to Ponder:

  1. What do I really feel about Oracle/Tarot Cards?
  2. Do I embrace the notion that there is much in the immaterial world of energy that transcends our knowledge at this time?
  3. Do I believe that divine guidance is always trying to reach me?
  4. Can I benefit from a tool that could potentially enhance my self-awareness and increase my clarity about issues within me and those surrounding my life?
  5. Do I believe that my words, thoughts and intentions are in fact prayers?
  6. Can I open my mind to the notion that my energy field draws to me similar energies that help create my reality?

Butterfly Steps to Take:

  1. Purchase an Oracle or Tarot Card Deck online or in a  local bookstore.
  2. Visit an Oracle or Psychic or person who conducts spiritual readings.
  3. Download an oracle or tarot card deck app.

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