Hi there!

I’m Tunisia Ali. If your vibrational resonance landed you on this page, then our frequencies have crossed paths and this meeting is divine synchronicity!

You must be that highly functioning and accomplished woman who feels like she’s barely scratching the surface of her goddess power?  You know you should be ‘showing up big’, earning more, in a fulfilling relationship, and rocking your career moves. And, you also have an inkling that your thoughts and beliefs, have something to do with you falling short of your dreams. Check out my Powerdigm Life Coach™ page to see how a partnership with me, can stretch your possibilities for transformation. Or, check out my online courses that are sure to help you up-level your life at your own pace and on a payment plan. 

Are You My Ideal Client?

My ideal client is seeking to heal blockages that have long held her back. My  ideal client seeks a harmonious love relationship to enrich her life. She may seek to improve a relationship she already has or is desiring to attract her soulmate or twin flame. She consciously or subconsciously may struggle with self-worth issues, or perhaps has money blocks and is yearning to awaken her prosperity consciousness within. She also wants to start her own business, or is seeking to take her current enterprise to the next level.  My girl has got guts and is ready to roll up her sleeves and dig deep! She’s ready to get her transformation ON!! 

What Do You Most Need Support With?

  • Clearing limiting beliefs and eliminating self-sabotaging habits
  • Starting a soul-centered enterprise
  • Manifesting wealth and healing money issues
  • Attracting your soulmate or twin flame
  • I’m waiting for you. Are you looking for me?
  • Determining your passion, purpose or direction

Here’s what you can expect when coaching with me:

  • More self-love and less self-criticism
  • The ability to embrace your power to create
  • The courage to move forward
  • Inner awareness and peace
  • Self-empowerment and actualization as you achieve your goals
  • An improvement in the way you feel
  • Increased performance in all areas of your life
  • A  prosperity mindset
  • Greater manifestation abilities in less time
  • Increased income and abundance

I give you the inspiration, strategies, and confidence to take your life in the direction you desire and create the dream you’ve always fantasized about.With an array of different services designed to assist you in the pursuit of your passions, I am here to collaborate with you in a joint effort to ensure you live the very best version of yourself possible.

I will help you to shine the light of awareness on the things you need clarity with or things that are secretly interfering with your goddess potential. I will assist you in exploring options and taking actions that move you closer to your dreams. In a life coaching relationship with me, you will discover many things along the path that will enrich your life.  Work With Me!

Many of my clients add the online signature P.O.W.E.R.D.I.G.M. Formula to Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation to their life coaching experience  or the Manifesting an Orgasmic Life ™ Series. The reason is because these mentoring programs accelerate the results of life coaching. Life coaching by itself is a proactive way to achieve your goals. However, most people need some mindset shifting and can benefit from revamping their consciousness and endeavoring to change counterproductive patterns. Coursework and mentoring accomplishes this!

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